Handout AIU Grindelwald 2020


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Friday afternoon, 31 of January 2020

End of Pharmalgen: what are the solutions for the diagnosis and rash IT?, Arthur Helbling, Bern

Lupus erythematosus desperate search for a therapy, D. Comte, Lausanne

Myocarditis an epidemy? C. Ribi, Lausanne

The management of immune-related adverse events associated with immune checkpoint blockade M. Obeid, Lausanne

Paraneoplastic neurological syndromes: clinical expression J. Novy, Lausanne

Immune dysregulation from the clinic to NGS F. Candotti, Lausanne

Autoinflammatory diseases: an update M. Hofer, Lausanne


Saturday morning, 1 of February 2020

Obstructive lung diseases other than asthma J. Leuppi, Basel

Periaortitis and the spectrum of IgG4 related diseases A. Vaglio, Firenze, Italy

Allergen specific immunotherapy. Still a future? U. Wahn, Berlin, Germany 

Saturday afternoon, 1 of February 2020

Pulmonary function tests for allergologists and clinical immunologists:
practice and interpretation A. Sauty, Lausanne, L.-F. Debétaz, Lausanne

Workshop 1: Alimentary myths B. Ballmer-Weber, St. Gallen

Workshop 2: Syndrome d ’activation mastocytaire D. Comte, Lausanne

Workshop 3: Atopic dermatitis in 2019 J. di Lucca, Lausanne

Workshop 4: Practical approach of the antiphospholipid syndrome C. Ribi, Lausanne


Sunday morning, 2 of February 2020

Severe pulmonary hypertension due to lung diseases, O. Sitbon, Paris, France

Pitfalls in scleroderma Y. Allanore, Paris, France

Pollen chambers: interests and pitfalls, M. Jutel, Wroclaw, Poland

Eosinophils in asthma, N. Jacobs, Liège, Belgium (No handout available)

Workshop 5: Anti-neuronal antibodies L. Arlettaz, Sion

Workshop 6: Role of environmental counselling in allergy management and prevention J.- M. Rame, Besençon, France

Workshop 7: Non IgE mediated food allergy J.-Ch. Caubet, Geneva (No handout available)

Workshop 8: Onco-immunology in practice M. Obeid and coll., Lausanne