Allergy Card

The allergy card in paper form, for medical practices, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and medical professionals.

The allergy card is available in German, French, and Italian - always in combination with English. The minimum order is 10 pieces, supplied with a clear-coat envelope for each allergy card. The minimum order is at CHF 15.00 excluding shipping costs; each additional pass costs CHF 1.50 per piece.

You can order the allergy card online at

The delivery time is 7 working days and is payable per invoice within 30 days.

The allergy card is a medical document, which is intended to contain, in a concise form, the information relevant to the allergy sufferer to the further treating medical persons.

The minimum requirements are:

1.    Excellent allergen or substance, in the case of medicaments, in particular the international INN Nonproprietary-Name.
2.    Date / year of reaction
3.    Indication of clinical manifestations
4.    Date / year of medical diagnosis
5.    All diagnostic methods that confirm the diagnosis
6.    If possible, details about tolerated medication and potential cross-reactivity

Such an allergy card should always be issued by the treating or diagnosing doctor. Entries from third parties, in particular the patient himself, are not useful. The often uncritical listing of alleged allergens without indication of symptoms and without assessment of relevance may satisfy the requirements of an "allergic person" but is not helpful for the patient as well as for the treating physicians.

It has verified as useful to place a copy of the allergy passport in the patient's dossier, so that an identical duplicate can be issued in the case of any loss of the document.


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