FAMH Medical Laboratory Immunology

FAMH Specialist in Laboratory Medicine

In order to maintain a uniformly high degree of quality in laboratory diagnostics throughout Switzerland an interdisciplinary postgraduate training programme lasting at least 4 years should be completed in laboratory diagnostics in the fields of haematology, clinical chemistry, clinical immunology and medical microbiology. This programme consists of a 3-year mono-disciplinary postgraduate training period in one of the disciplines (main discipline) and a one-year (12-month) training period or two half-year (6-month) training periods in one or two of the other disciplines respectively (subsidiary disciplines).

If mono-disciplinary training only is required, then the fourth year of the training may be completed in the main discipline and supplemented with additional activities in the clinic and relevant research. Postgraduate training in medical genetics comprises four years in medical genetics alone.
"The Medical Laboratories of Switzerland FAMH" (Foederatio Analyticorum Medicinalium Helveticorum) is responsible for the provision and monitoring of training as well as awarding the title of specialist.