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Subcommission on Quality Management (SQM)

The Swiss academy for quality in medicine (ASQM in French or SAQM in German) has been created by the FMH in order to promote quality in all aspect of the medical practice. It seems particularly important that the management of the quality in Medicine is done by the physicians them self and not imposed by the politics.
ASQM has created a quality charter. They encouraged all the societies depending of the FMH to sign it. It has been done by the SSAI last year.
Signing this charter, we have committed to create inside our society our own strategy for quality. This is the reason why we have created during the last general assembly of the SSAI in St. Gallen a sub-commission for quality. This sub-commission is responsible to write a strategy report on quality in the SSAI. Quality has many aspects, it is formation, studies, quality control, medical register and many others!

Nathalie Jeannet-Peter - SQM-President
Nathalie Jeannet-Peter
SQM President
ruelle du Couchant 7
1207 Genf
Hatidje Shabanaj - SQM-Delegate
Dr. med.
Hatidje Shabanaj
Luzerner Kantonsspital
6000 Luzern

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