Biotest Award 2023



Biotest Switzerland and the Swiss Society for Allergology and Immunology (SSAI) announce the

Biotest Award 2023
for a study on
B cell discoveries, and/or
innovative therapies based on polyclonal antibodies

The award of CHF 10’000.- is sponsored by Biotest Switzerland

Antibodies are often involved in autoimmune, inflammatory and allergic disorders, infections, cancer and transplant rejections. Treatment with human plasma products is increasingly helpful, although the mechanisms are not always clear. This award will be given to a manuscript describing a scientific basic or clinical study that improves the understanding of disease mechanisms involving antibodies, and therapies with human plasma products.

The manuscript must be published or accepted for publication (based on peer review) in 2022 or 2023. Applicants are asked to provide a cover letter (max 1 page), their manuscript and all email addresses of the first and last (co-)author(s). All documents should be assembled to one single PDF file, fully searchable (i.e. generated electronically, not by scanning).

The award will be attributed to the first and last (co-)author(s). They will be invited to present their study at the Allergy Immunology Update Meeting taking place early next year.

The application deadline is the 30. October 2023 for sending your application to Jolanda Trachsel, General Manager SSAI, by email to